New Website!

Published in Projects on Mar 21, 2021

There's an old anecdote about mechanics owning junk cars...

I think there's a similar sort of thing going on with web developers too - the average developer seems to often neglect their personal site (if they have one at all - mine has been a simple holding page for 4+ years until this point... and even that has out of date employment information!).

I've decided that this is the perfect opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and try something new - although I'm a diehard WordPress evangelist, I often find myself suffering from a bout of web dev FOMO - there's so many cool options out there these days that it would be almost criminal not to take this opportunity to delve deeper into one of the more recent CMS platforms at the modern web developer's disposal.

I've recently enlisted the help of Erin at SilentZ on a Laravel project I maintain, and he mentioned Statamic to me, which seemed like a great opportunity to try something new whilst also levelling up my Laravel skills at the same time.

So... welcome to my new personal website! Its function is essentially twofold - to provide me with a home on the web and also to provide me with a "playground" in which to learn more about Statamic, Laravel and modern PHP development outside of the WordPress paradigm. So expect ramblings, musings, information on what I've been up to and, most likely, more than my fair share of downtime :)